General Jim Mattis appears in PSA, encourages people to wear face masks

The health pandemic is still a thing, people are still contracting the virus, still getting sick and still dying as a result of it.

In fact, in a number of states in the country the virus is actually surging. In places like Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Nevada, they are setting single-day records.

On Tuesday, the Lone Star state actually recorded more than 5,000 cases, eclipsing their previous record of a little more than 4,000. The state’s governor, Greg Abbott, a Republican, said on Wednesday the state is facing “a massive outbreak” of the virus.

So anyone who says this virus is done and over and nothing to worry about is obviously an idiot.

Understanding the need to press upon people just how serious the virus still is, former Secretary of Defense Gen. Jim Mattis appeared in a public service announcement for Richland, a city in Washington state.

In the video, Mattis says “this little bugger isn’t going away on its own” and how important it is to wear face masks and listen to health officials.

Of course, Mattis previously worked in the Trump administration before turning in his resignation. Since, leaving Mattis has been critical of President Trump.

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