Seriously? Australian morning show asks if chess is racist

Several years ago, The first Lego Movie hit theaters and was wildly popular. Its since gone on to spawn several sequels because, according to Hollywood, if it worked once, do it 10 more times.

Anyway, in the first film there was this catchy little song that played several times throughout the movie. For anyone who has kids, has seen the film or knows people, you aware of what song I’m talking about: “Everything is Awesome.”

Well, flash forward a couple years and change one word in the song’s title and “Everything is Racist” could describe 2020, although the year has been insane for a number of other reasons.

I understand racism exists, there are racists depictions in our society and unfortunately, there are still individuals who harbor hate and disgust for individuals simply based on their skin color. It’s a sad fact of life but there will always be ignorant people around.

But one show in Australia seems to be looking for anything to claim racism. Australia’s Today’s Show actually used a segment discussing whether the game of Chess is racist.

Where does this madness stop? Is checkers offensive to Indians? What about the card game war? Does that trigger those who suffer from PTSD? Is Solitaire exclusionary to other people?

These are the important questions we must ask!

Do we truly have nothing else to talk about that this is what journalists are spending time discussing?

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