Trump admits he does want to ‘slow testing down,’ The Lincoln Project responds

One of the worst jobs in the world would be working in the communications department for President Donald Trump, whether in the campaign or in his administration. It doesn’t matter, both would be absolutely horrible.

You literally have no idea what’s going to come out of the guy’s mouth or what crazy, insane conspiracy theory he’s going to post on his personal Twitter account. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that you’d have to be more than willing to go out and lie for the man, on a daily basis, with relative ease.

Whatever career advancement that may come from being apart of that can’t be worth sacrificing sanity and decency, right? The Republican Party evidently thought so when they decided to make the man their nominee in 2016. Regardless, on Tuesday, America got another good look at just what kind of man occupies the Oval Office.

During Trump’s lackluster campaign rally Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he touched upon the coronavirus, testing, the number of tests administered and cases. It was around that time the President of United States actually said he told his team “to slow the testing down, please.”

But when people in his administration were asked about his odd remark, they claimed it was nothing more than a joke. He didn’t really mean it they said, it was nothing more than a poor attempt at humor.

But on Tuesday, when asked about his “joke,” Trump said he was completely serious about slowing the rate of testing down.

Now, why would he want to slow down testing? Because as he mentions, it’s a double-edged sword. The more testing you do, you’re likely to find more cases and more cases leads to higher numbers and more cases of the coronavirus doesn’t look good for him or his administration. Despite the fact that more than 120,000 people have died and there’s a surge of cases in several states, Trump doesn’t want those numbers to get higher.

Why? He’s got an election coming up in November and nothing, nothing is more important than Trump being re-elected. What other reason could he have for wanting to slow the rate of testing?

In response to Trump’s desire to slow testing down, the Lincoln Project put out a video.

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