CNN anchor to Trump campaign comms director: What’s funny about dead, unemployed Americans?

Saturday evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma was supposed to be a big night for the Trump campaign. President Trump and his campaign had hyped up his return to the campaign trail for weeks.

More than 1 million people, that’s how many Brad Pascale, Trump’s campaign manager, was anticipating at Saturday night’s rally to hear the loud, bombastic president give red meat to his minions. Instead, that didn’t happen. But despite the rally’s disappointing attendance, Trump went on stage and gave his act, providing more than enough interesting soundbites. Likely, the most interesting was that Trump said he “told his people to slow the testing down, please” because more reported cases of the coronavirus doesn’t bode well for Trump’s re-election.

Well, following Trump’s comment, his campaign surrogates said it was simply a joke, nothing more than a funny, off-hand remark meant to bring levity to a deadly global pandemic.

The Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, appeared on CNN and was asked about Trump saying he wanted testing to be slowed down. As expected, Murtaugh says Trump’s comment was simply a joke, nothing more than an attempt by Trump to poke fun at a deadly situation.

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