Joe Biden says Trump has ‘lost interest’ in the pandemic

President Donald Trump doesn’t want to discuss the health pandemic, despite cases being on the rise in nearly half of the states in the country. Instead, Trump wants to turn the page and talk about the one and only thing that could get him re-elected, if it turns around: the economy.

Even though, on Wednesday, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma saw their highest number of COVID-19 cases, the Trump campaign is pushing forward with their Saturday rally. Government and health officials in that state said they wish the president’s campaign would reconsider.

The president’s campaign understands the coronavirus is still around, that people are still dying given the fact that the campaign is requiring people to sign a waiver saying attendees cannot hold the campaign liable if they get sick.

On Wednesday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed Trump for his lackluster response to the pandemic, saying that Trump has since lost interest in the whole thing.

If people want to attend a rally and listen to Trump ramble on and on incoherently for an hour, have at it.

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