Domino’s Pizza perfectly captures the hyper partisanship, divisiveness that is 2020

Just about everything today is viewed through the prism of partisan politics. You truly cannot do anything without setting someone off, angering them which often ends in heated arguments, hurt feelings and bruised egos.

The type of entertainment you watch, the brand of clothing you wear and now, apparently paying someone a compliment and responding to their comment on social media is considered political.

Anti-Trumper and The Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson responded recently, for some reason, to a 2012 Twitter comment Domino’s Pizza made at now current Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

McEnany, back in 2012, said Domino’s was way better than New York City Pizza Company, to which Domino’s acknowledged the comment thanking her for her compliment.

Well, Wilson couldn’t just leave an 8-year-old comment alone and felt compelled to get in a shot at the pizza company.

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