Lol! Guy schools CNN’s Chris Cuomo while eating Ramen Noodles

Several weeks ago, CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to call for protesters to continue destroying small businesses, trashing public streets and vandalizing memorials and monuments.

Following a weekend of riots around the country, Cuomo made the following statement: Show me where it says protesters have to be polite and peaceful.

With such an idiotic statement, it would appear that the host of CNN’s Prime Time is unfamiliar with the First Amendent, specially the part where it mentions “peaceful assembly.”

Cuomo, rightfully, got raked over the coals for his statement. But one response to the CNN commentator’s statement is getting a lot of attention.

A TikTok video of a guy eating uncooked Ramen Noodles schools Cuomo, telling him where exactly he can find it where protesters have to be peaceful.

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