Actor Ron Perlman calls out Matt Gaetz, Gaetz gives idiotic response

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz isn’t the brightest guy in the world. He’s shown this over and over and over again. On Sunday, the Republican provided us with yet another example, putting his massive brain power on display once again.

Far left and completely woke actor Ron Perlman sent out a tweet claiming that US Women’s Soccer probably couldn’t care any less about the opinions of President Donald Trump and Gaetz.

Of course, Perlman is referring to Trump stating that he wasn’t going to be watching as much soccer after the organization reversed its policy about players kneeling during the national anthem. And Gaetz because he’s incapable of an original thought, announced that he was going to introduce legislation ordering the United States Soccer Federation to reverse the anthem policy or they may face financial trouble.

Anyway, Gaetz, who didn’t appreciate Perlman’s shot at him, responded with…well, one of the dumbest retorts you’re likely to see.

Is the Florida Republican unaware of how acting works? Maybe someone should tell him that Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans actually aren’t superheroes.

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