Yahoo columnist says LeBron James emerging as activist, completely disregards James’ response to China

Los Angeles Laker LeBron James is one of the most famous people on the face of the earth. He’s one of the greatest players to have ever picked up a basketball and with already impressive career stats, he’s likely to pad those in his last few seasons.

But in recent days, while the NBA season is currently on hiatus, James has become more vocal on political and social issues. He announced this week, that he, along with several other athletes, has created an organization to help African Americans vote.

James has also spoken out since the murder of George Floyd, calling for police reform and while in Miami, he was vocal following the death of Trayvon Martin.

And this is all well and good. James is in a powerful position to use his fame and fortune for whatever cause he feels is necessary.

Yahoo columnist Dan Wetzel wrote a piece in which he states all of James’ activism is a good thing because he’s breaking the mode of an athlete and an African American by the way he’s living and carrying himself.

He goes on to talk about all the things James has done off the court as far as politics and social change goes but when it comes to James’ pathetically weak response to China, he just papers over that.

Wetzel writes:

So if you don’t like the side he’s on, then you can try to tear him down and shout about how he should denounce China like he’s the Secretary of State, or how his handling of “The Decision” was terrible or whatever else. 

That’s it. That’s all he mentions about James’ response to the communist country.

When called out, Wetzel responded on Twitter with this sad attempt to excuse James the activist bending the knee to communist China.

And those on Twitter, as they often do, let Wetzel know their feelings about his fawning piece on James.

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