‘The Lincoln Project’ blasts Trump: He became the Confederacy’s second president

Currently, with protesters making their voices heard in several cities across the country, there is a push for the country to reexamine itself. That includes everything from police conduct to monuments honoring the Confederacy and to even military bases named after Confederate soldiers.

Now, for whatever reason, a healthy number of people seem to have an affinity for the Confederate flag, even those who live in northern states.

Whenever, especially people who live in the north, are asked why they either have or appreciate the Confederate flag, they’ll commonly reply with “it’s history and you can’t just erase history” or some variation.

Fine. Yes, the Confederacy is part of our history. It was a time when citizens of the United States were literally warring against one another, killing one another. It’s the bloodiest war this country has ever been involved in.

Oh, the Civil War era also isn’t great for the whole slavery thing. People literally owned one another, believing others were subhuman simply because of the pigment in their skin.

But history, right?

Well, on Wednesday, President Trump provided us with his answer on whether or not he would consider changing the names of military bases named after members of the Confederacy. And he responded just as you would’ve thought: History.

In his response, Trump mentions “Winning, Victory and Freedom” for why he will not even consider renaming the bases. Is he aware of how the Civil War went?

Well, the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans looking to defeat Trump in November released a video in response to the president’s statement.

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