Biden: Floyd’s death has had a bigger impact than MLK’s assassination

People all over the country, even the world, have been protesting following the death of George Floyd. They are wanting changes to a whole host of things from policing to monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers.

Now, whether you agree with what they protesters are demanding or not, there is now arguing that Floyd’s death has reverberated and had a massive impact. Whenever anything similar has occurred, there may have been a few protests here and there, a few people upset but this time appears to be different.

However, as much impact as Floyd’s death has had and will have, it doesn’t come close to that of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. He was a civil rights leader that dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of those being oppressed throughout the country. King is constantly quoted, his legacy talked about and dissected and his birthday is a federal holiday.

Despite all of that, all of the changes and difference King made during his life which was needlessly and cruelly cut short, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden believes George Floyd’s death has had a greater impact than King’s.

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