Sean Hannity compares treatment of Pres. Trump to death of George Floyd

Sean Hannity will say or do absolutely anything in the defense of President Donald Trump.

If Trump wanted to use the government to shut down a private company because they said some unkind things about the president, Hannity would be onboard. If Trump wanted to take over the country of Brazil, Hannity would be the biggest cheerleader for the military operation. If Trump woke up one day and thought enforcing martial law sounded like fun, Hannity would devote his program that evening to the benefits of living under military law.

However, if someone with a ‘D’ by their name wanted to do those exact same things, Hannity would spend segment after segment denouncing that person, telling his viewers how evil that person is and how the very future of our country is at stake.

Of course the point being, Trump can do no wrong in the eyes of Sean Hannity.

Well, just when you thought Hannity couldn’t sink any lower, he managed to do so on his program Tuesday evening. He actually compared the treatment of his beloved (Donald Trump) to the death of George Floyd.

Think I’m kidding? Check out the segment below:

Yes, of course Hannity says he’s not making a comparison between the two over and over. But then he goes on to say that both Trump and Floyd were the victims of crooked cops and that what happened to Trump and Floyd was terrible for the country.

What does that sound like to you?

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