Sen. Tim Scott: ‘You can’t legislate the heart,’ and ‘It’s hard to hate up close’

For people who believe you can legislate morality, you can’t. Want to stop murder? Let’s make it illegal. Want to put an end to theft and robbery? Let’s go ahead and make laws against those, too.

Oh, wait.

Want to do away with racism, sexism and homophobia? Let’s make another set of laws that will most assuredly do away with them.

My point being, that no amount of laws will change someone’s heart. That’s exactly what South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott was saying during his appearance on Fox News.

He also mentioned programs that him and former Congressman Trey Gowdy instituted in their hometown that had people of different walks of life who normally would’ve never interacted with one another. The point of the programs were to have these people interact, discuss and learn about one another, about their jobs, about their lives, their beliefs and preconceived ideas.

As Scott says, it’s hard to hate up close and easy to hate and dislike what we don’t know or understand.

To learn more about Scott’s and Gowdy’s work in South Carolina, check out their book “Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country.” It’s an enjoyable, quick and eye-opening read.

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