Minneapolis to dismantle police, City Council president can’t answer simple question about move

The city of Minneapolis is in a bad spot right now. One of their police officers murdered a black man as it was captured on video. If that wasn’t bad enough, three other officers stood by and simply watched as George Floyd screamed out for help until dead.

All of the four former members of the Minneapolis Police Department have been rightfully charged in Floyd’s murder. The actions of those four men have led to nationwide protests, with the participants calling for change.

But as bad as things are for the city of Minneapolis right now, the Minnesota city is about to make things much, much worse. Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council, an overwhelming majority, will vote to dismantle the police department.

The president of the Minneapolis City Council appeared on CNN Monday morning and was asked the only logically question about their intended idiotic move.

Instead of simply answering the question, she dances and stutters around it, giving an answer consisting of tired, leftist woke talking points.

Her complete lack of a coherent response shows that this is more about show than any real, actual concrete solution.

Does the council honestly believe this move makes the people of Minneapolis safer? If that’s the case and they do, perhaps it’s time to dismantle their city council.

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