Women berated for cleaning up ‘Black Lives Matter’ graffiti on D.C. buildings, told it wasn’t a good use of ‘white privilege’

Cleaning up graffiti from last week’s riots are apparently racist and a sign of white privilege according to one women in Washington D.C. who drove by and berated a group of other women who were trying to do some good in the community.

“Why are you guys removing black lives matter graffiti?,” the woman asks. “Why do you want that to come off?”

The ladies cleaning off the building replied, “This is a federal building and we care about our country and our city.”

““So you don’t care about black lives, then,” the woman filming stated.

“That’s not at all what we’re saying … we certainly do care about black lives,” was their response. “We don’t disagree with the message ma’am, it’s just on the building, so we’re trying to clean it.”

That answer didn’t satisfy the woman filming, who called them disgusting.

“Not a great way to use your white privilege ladies,” she said. “That’s disgusting.”

Watch the whole thing below.

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