Trump supporter? Well, you’re not an American, according to P!nk

I’m not sure what it is about singers and actor but they all, or at least most, of them have this idea that their opinion on topics other than entertaining matters.

Perhaps it’s the constant praise and adoration they receive from fans. Maybe it’s the the life of luxury and financial security. Whatever it is, telling others what to do, say or think with a sense of smug self-satisfaction always seems to accompany those messages.

Grammy Award-winning singer P!nk is the the latest celebrity to tell us her oh so important thoughts and feelings on President Trump and our current state of affairs. According to the colorfully-named singer, if you’re a supporter of President Trump and voter to re-elect him, you’re not actually an American.

Yes, not only did she think this, she recorded it and then uploaded it to her Twitter page.

One thought on “Trump supporter? Well, you’re not an American, according to P!nk”

  1. So why is the author of this article’s opinion any more valid than Pink’s just because she’s an entertainer? Being an author or writer doesn’t mean your opinion is any better

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