Dennis Rodman on rioting, looting: ‘We’re not f**king animals, we’re human beings’

Rioting, looting and the destruction of private property continues all in the name of “protest.” Of course, we all know that’s not protesting at all but instead simply just a bunch of people using the death of a man as an excuse to steal.

At some point all of this madness has to stop. Yes, this country has problems but stealing and destroying small businesses aren’t going to solve anything. Some people are trying to get that message out to the masses.

Surprisingly, NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is trying to be voice of reason. Like everyone else, he’s witnessing what’s going on around the country and he’s pretty disgusted.

The former Chicago Bull posted a video on Instagram where he instructed people to stop the looting, stop the rioting and work with one another, care for another.

What has the world come to when Dennis Rodman is the voice of reason?

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