Gov. Cuomo blasts NYPD and Bill de Blasio, says they ‘did not do their job’

Protests across the country continue and with many of those mayors instituting curfews. However, unfortunately there is still some looting and rioting going on and that doesn’t do anything positive for anyone. It hurts the message of the peaceful protesters and puts innocent people, including police officers, in danger.

In New York City, on Monday evening, there was both looting and rioting as police tried to control the situation.

The images coming out of our country’s largest city Monday evening were pretty horrific as several took advantage of the situation. Quite frankly, it was pretty embarrassing. The incompetence of the city’s leadership was on full display.

Surprisingly, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t too please with either NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Police Department. Cuomo didn’t hold back in his criticism.

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