‘Liberty Hangout,’ promoter of ‘peace’ website, advocates for police to use deadly force against rioters

The situation in Minneapolis is bad, there really is no other way to put it. George Floyd didn’t deserve to die.

The video of the police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd while he screams out in pain that he can’t breathe is horrendous. It’s made even worse as other officers stand around and do absolutely nothing. I understand that there are other facts out there that we don’t know yet that will come out in the coming days and weeks but that level of police brutality which ended up costing Floyd his life was uncalled for, unwarranted and more than likely murder.

So, watching that video I can understand why people would be upset. I’d even go so far as to say that there might be something wrong with you if, after watching that clip, you weren’t upset. The officer used excessive and unnecessary force that ultimately cost Floyd his life.

Protesting such behavior is understandable. We all deserve better from those who are supposed to be working for and protecting us. But when the protests reach the level of riots where it turns into busting up small businesses, lighting things on fire and smashing windows isn’t helping the cause, it’s only hurting it.

What good does it do to answer criminal behavior (the cop who killed Floyd) with criminal (rioting)? Answer: nothing.

And that same line of logic applies to those who openly advocate using deadly force on those rioting. How in the world will a cop shooting and killing someone rioting deescalate the situation? Answer: It won’t. It will only make things progressively worse and get people even more angry.

But some on the “liberty” side of things don’t seem to understand this. All around trash website “Liberty Hangout” wants cops to shoot and kill those rioting because, you know, nothing says “liberty” like advocating for the state to murder citizens.

Oh, Liberty Hangout is also a big proponent of “the message of peace,” too. Again, nothing says peace during a rioting like a cop shooting and killing someone.

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