Charlie Kirk tries to use ‘whataboutism’ in defense of Trump’s Scarborough conspiracy tweets and fails

Charlie Kirk, the head of Turning Point USA, is, for some reason, looked at as some kind of a thought leader/influencer on the right.

He’ll often send out messages depicting what he perceives to be double standards between how Republicans and Democrats are treated by the media and society in general.

Well, on Thursday morning, Kirk tweeted out a message he probably thought sounded clever in his head when in actuality, Kirk got it wrong, very, very wrong.

Following President Trump’s tweet where he accused Joe Scarborough of murdering a congressional aid, Kirk jumped to Trump’s defense and decided to use the “yeah, but what about him” defense, commonly refereed to as whataboutism.

Of course, what Kirk doesn’t seem to be able to grasp is that “a pro-Obama Super PAC” isn’t the same thing as the candidate themselves saying or doing something. PACs and candidates cannot coordinate, it’s illegal. So to insinuate that Obama was responsible for the message of a “Pro-Obama Super PAC” is wrong and I would hope Kirk knows this but I’m guessing his followers don’t.

While not being an Obama fan myself, I can’t ever remember President Obama ever saying, tweeting or ever hinting that Mitt Romney may have killed a woman. However, I do remember reading a couple of tweets from Trump a few days ago where he essentially accused Scarborough of murder.

Also, who is trying to deplatform Trump? Twitter came out and said they weren’t going to take down the tweets from the President.

Kirk and his organization, being the Trump lapdogs that they are, cannot, under any circumstances say President Trump did or said anything wrong and they won’t either.

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