The President of the United States threatens to ‘strongly regulate’and close down social media

Conservatives and Republicans love the First Amendment, right? That whole freedom of speech thing, the part that says the government can’t come in and shut you down because the government disagrees with you, those on the right are still in favor of that, right?

Well, if that’s the case, I look forward to dozens of free speech warriors on the right standing up to denounce Trump’s latest threat.

On Wednesday morning, the President of the United States threatened to “strongly regulate’ and close social media down. Trump sent out his tweet after Twitter added a fact check to one of his postings from yesterday.

Twitter added a fact check to tweets of his. They didn’t delete the tweets, silence or even ban his account.

Trump says social media is silencing the voices of Republicans and so therefore, the government may need to come in and shut those private companies down.

Of course, the MAGA, freedom-loving crowd will no doubt love President Trump’s threat of the government coming in and shutting down private companies over speech.

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