Trump says California is ‘sending millions of ballots to people,’ ‘to anyone in the state’

President Donald Trump really, really, really does not want people to vote absentee.

On Tuesday morning, Trump sent out another couple of tweets about his fears of voting by mail. However, instead of going after the all important swing states of Michigan and Nevada again, he took aim at California.

The President of United States said the governor of California is sending out millions of ballots to anyone in the state and that it doesn’t matter who they are, they are getting a ballot, according to Trump.

What evidence does he provide for these claims? If you said “absolutely none,” you’re exactly right!

He then goes on to claim that the November election will be a “rigged election.”

For someone as concerned and obsessed with image as 45, you’d think he’d understand how incredibly weak and crazy this makes him look. Also, it sounds like he’s awfully scared of losing in November, as he drags out the whole “rigged election” thing again.

Oh, also remember while Trump goes on and on about the dangers of mail-in voting, he admitted to doing it himself in Florida’s March primary.

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