Bystander calls out cameraman on MSNBC for not wearing face mask

The coronavirus pandemic continues as there are now more than 5.5 million cases worldwide with nearly 350,000 deaths, almost 100,000 of which are in the United States.

In order to help stop the spread of the virus, medical experts have stressed the importance of wearing face masks. Some people have taken that advice, while others have ignored it.

However, like everything else, people have made face masks a divisive issue. But whatever you decide to do when comes to wearing a face mask, it helps no one to mock, put down or shame someone for either wearing a face mask or for not wearing one.

What does that do for anyone? Nothing.

Well, an MSNBC reporter was giving a live reporter about the lack of face masks in a Wisconsin town when a passer by called him and his cameraman out for their double standard.

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