Ann Coulter to Trump: ‘You complete blithering idiot’

Conservative author and speaker Ann Coulter is a favorite of the far right. Generally, Coulter supports anyone who has an “R” by their name, for the most part. There are a number of exceptions, for sure.

During her career, she has written several best sellers, including “In Trump We Trust.” Well, it appears that Coulter is off the Trump Train, thrown away her MAGA hat or discarded of any other Trump-related paraphernalia she may have owned.

On Sunday, the conservative Coulter referred to Trump as a “complete blithering idiot.”

Coulter was responding to a Trump tweet as he still seems angry and unable to let go of the fact that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation.

Whatever the case, Coulter’s tweet isn’t going to sit well with the MAGA crowd.

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