Republican North Dakota gov: Skip ‘ideological’, ‘political’ debate over face masks, show ’empathy and understanding’

As the pandemic continues, so does the bickering from both sides of the aisle. Like most things, people have managed to turn nearly every single aspect of the pandemic into a partisan issue.

Face masks, unbelievably, have now become a divisive issue. They are now a topic for politicians and people who align with particular politicians and parties to argue and yell at one another over.

North Dakota’s Gov. Doug Burgum, a Republican, says just put the political bickering over face masks to the side. Instead, the Republican is asking people to simply be kind because you don’t know why that person is going through and why they may be wearing a face mask.

Imagine that, a message of empathy and compassion, something unfamiliar and very foreign in today’s political climate.

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