Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk can’t differentiate between a ballot & application for ballot

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump sent out a couple of tweets threatening to withhold funds to Nevada and Michigan. Trump claimed that both Nevada and Michigan were just sending ballots to all voters and simply trying to steal the election.

So, knowing that Trump was/is upset about people possibly voting absentee, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was going to follow suit. Kirk’s organization, a conservative organization with chapters on college campuses across the country, simply parrots anything and everything Trump says and does.

But in his 100 millionth attempt to please Trump, Kirk missed the mark on his latest tweets. On Wednesday, Kirk sent out a tweet accompanied with a photo claiming that a friend of his was being sent multiple ballots without any voter ID requirement.

Well, Kirk apparently can’t read because it wasn’t an actual ballot. It distinctly says “application for ballot.”

But hey, this is what happens when your organization’s existence is dedicated and based around pleasing one man instead of actual conservative principles.

Others also let Kirk know about his inability to read.

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