Trump accuses Nevada of sending ‘illegal ballots,’ accuses attempted cheating. Nevada’s secretary of state is a Republican

President Donald Trump does not want people to be able to vote by mail. For some reason, perhaps it was a segment he saw on Fox News, he believes voting absentee equals cheating, and more votes for Democrats.

While Trump admitted to voting by mail in Florida’s primary election, he’s not real big on the idea in places like Nevada and Michigan.

On Wednesday morning, the president accused the state of Nevada of sending out “illegal ballots” threatened to hold funds to the state and also accused them of trying “cheat.”

Now, the secretary of state in Nevada is the head of the elections division, which oversees elections in the state, including presidential elections. But what’s really interesting is that the secretary of state in the Silver State is a Republican.

So, is President Trump accusing Republicans of trying to cheat or does he not understand that a Republican is in that office and isn’t sure how things work?

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