Biden: Believe Tara Reade? Don’t vote for me

When running for office, the candidate will go around giving stump speeches, shaking hands (maybe not now) and kissing babies (even the ugly ones. They’ll tell prospective supporters their plan for making their lives better and why their plan is better than the other person seeking that same office.

Finally, after all the photos are taken and the dumb campaign slogans are repeated 15 times in a half-hour speech, the candidate will ask the crowd for their vote. Since the person with the most votes (except for a few notable exceptions) wins, asking for votes is thought to be a good idea.

However, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is going a different route. He’s actually telling people not to vote for him.

Biden, when being asked about the Tara Reade assault allegations, is telling people that believe her not to vote for him. And honestly, how could they, right?

If you honestly, thought Biden assaulted her, you couldn’t still pull the lever in support of Biden. The reasoning behind Biden’s statement makes sense but it truly sounds odd and one would think members of his campaign staff would tell him to cut it out.

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