AOC called out for her expensive ‘Green New Deal,’ she provides possibly dumbest response ever

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a rising star on the far left. She’s their star, a media darling and if old enough, would likely be her party’s nominee.

During her short tenure in office, she has pushed a massive government take over of well, nearly everything sector of the economy with her Green New Deal. Not only would government bureaucrats sticks their red-tape little hands where they don’t belong but it would be insanely expensive.

Conservative writer/analyst Jonah Goldberg recently called out AOC for her pricey legislation, saying that even if every penny was taken from billionaires and millions, it still wouldn’t pay for her pet project.

Well, Ms. Darling of the Left didn’t appreciate that and gave what has to be one of the dumbest responses ever.

Yes, she said that the “Green New Deal” is nothing more than a non-binding resolution that expresses our values and doesn’t cost us anything.

So, this woman openly admits that she has spent valuable time and taxpayer money pushing a meaningless piece of legislation? Either that or she doesn’t understand that if that what she is proposing were to be implemented, it would cost trillions of dollars.

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