Gov. Whitmer: Majority of sexual assault victims telling truth…but I believe Biden

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is reportedly being considered as Joe Biden’s running mate.

She makes sense. She’s a female governor of a midwestern state that President Trump barely won in 2016 and one that he’ll need in order to be re-elected in 2020.

Of course, whenever she’s asked whether she wants to be Biden’s running mate, she denies her interest or doesn’t answer the question altogether. This is the game. She has a current job, if she said otherwise that would look bad. But how she’s answering other questions give us a good indication of her desire to become Biden’s running mate.

On The View, Whitmer was asked about the Tara Reade allegation, who is claiming that Biden sexually assaulted her. Biden said it didn’t happen, his campaign said it didn’t happen and all of those #BelieveAllWomen advocates are nowhere to be found.

When asked about the situation, Whitmer said that the majority of sexual assault victims are telling the truth…but just not Reade. Whitmer says that what she’s heard isn’t the Biden that she knows.

Yeah, she wants to be Biden’s running mate.

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