CNN adds Greta Thunberg to expert panel…on coronavirus?

Every other day CNN hold these town halls, normally hosted by Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Typically, they bring on an expert or two, usually someone with a medical degree or with some kind of speciality or authority in the field of epidemiology, to discuss our present health crisis.

Well, Wednesday being another day, CNN announced yet another coronavirus town hall. But this one was rather odd, mainly due to one of their invited guests.

From CNN’s invite list, they have deemed a European teenager who travels all over the world lecturing people about dangers of climate change as someone fit to give an opinion on the topic of epidemiology.

C’mon, this should have at least the appearance of credibility, right?

Well, Twitter, as usual, let the news organization know what they thought of their choice to include Thunberg.

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