Kaitlin Bennett’s ‘Liberty Hangout’ tries to justify Ahmaud Arbery shooting

Kaitlin Bennett is truly vile and her descent into far right wing toxicity continues with the coverage her web site ‘Liberty Hangout’ has been giving to the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, who was out for a jog when two white men shot him in a race fueled crime.

Bennett’s site tweeted a video that shows Arbery walk into a construction site, look around, then walk out. The caption to the tweet: “Just out for a jog.”

Several other tweets try to change the narrative of the story by retweeting another blogger who opines that he attempted to take away the shooters gun and went into the home looking for things to steal.

The owner of the property says he wasn’t robbed.

The men in the truck pointed their guns at him  Wouldn’t you try to wrestle a gun away from someone pointing it at you? He had every right to try to defend himself. And it was wrong for them to chase him down and point their guns at him.

And then there’s this retweet, which just may be the worst of the worst.

There were no burglaries in the area for several weeks before the shooting, according to police. Bennett has no idea why Arbery went into that construction site – he could have seen something that looked suspicious, heard a cat crying or simply wanted to look around.

And the citizens arrest defense doesn’t hold up here either. Georgia law on citizen’s arrest states someone had to commit a crime in their presence and that did not happen here..

Just the other day I commented while out on a walk with my husband that I’d been tempted to go look around in one of the houses being constructed in our neighborhood because I was curious what it looked like. Does that mean I deserve to be shot too?

The Liberty Hangout’s tweets are an attempt to gaslight people into believing there was justification for two white men gunning down a black man who, based on the videos that have been released, is the victim of a hate crime.

Bennett is defending scum who need to get the death penalty for what they did. Her mindset should not be embraced by the conservative movement and we should expel her out and denounce her toxic brand of hate vehemently.

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