Actress Rose McGowan accuses Bill Maher of sexual harassment

The whole #MeToo movement and #BelieveAllWomen movement was nothing more than a liberal political movement disguised as protecting women from sexual predators. Simply look at how those in the media and on the left, including women, who are shielding former Vice President Joe Biden from the Tara Reade allegations.

Where have all those “courageous” female fighters gone, standing up for the victims of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Where is the 24/7 media coverage of Reade’s allegations against Biden? Where did they go?

Well, now it appears the most self-righteous and loudest voices on the left aren’t all that great and don’t exactly live up to the standards they set for everyone else.

Actress Rose McGown has now accused comedian Bill Maher of sexual harassment for what he whispered to her prior to a segment of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

Again, this is a he said-she said but isn’t that what most of these cases have been? But the media and the left have always run out and defended the women in nearly every single instance, well except in the Tara Reade case.

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