Nurse in Oval Office says supply of PPE has been sporadic, Trump blames Obama

The 2020 presidential election is about 6 months away and you better believe November 3 is a day President Trump has marked, circled, highlighted on his calendar.

While the country continues to deal with the deadly virus, it’s obvious that how President Trump and his administration handles this crisis or how they are perceived to be handling this crisis, will determine whether he gets a second term or not. He understands this and so does anyone else with an IQ above 6.

Wednesday, on National Nurses Day, Trump had several nurses in the Oval Office and at one point the topic of personal protective equipment (PPE) came up. The nurses were asked what they were seeing in terms of supply and whether it was sporadic or plentiful.

One nurse, who works in New Orleans, said the supply of PPE has been sporadic at times and has been for a number of colleagues she’s spoken to as well. She claimed to wearing an N95 mask for several weeks.

Trump quickly made sure to say that while that may have been her experience, he assured her everything was perfect, it’s great and he’s been hearing great things. Terrific things. He then went on to blame the Obama administration….once again.

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