President Trump refers to female reporter/commentator as ‘a dog’

President Donald Trump doesn’t like the media. He has made it abundantly clear as he constantly refers to those organizations the he doesn’t like as “Fake News.” And his most diehard supporters have also run with the phrase, calling everything that doesn’t agree with their preconceived ideas or isn’t 100% positive of the man in the Oval Office “fake.”

Whenever pressed on an issue for an answer consisting of more than simply “terrific,” or “tremendous,” he gets agitated. He also doesn’t like when he’s asked about past statements he’s made that turn out to be factually incorrect. He’ll often lash out a reporters, call them “fake news” and then completely refuse to answer their question.

So, it should comes as no surprise when President Trump recently referred to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace as “a dog.”

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