Bad move: AMC, Regal refusing to play Universal films

So the coronavirus has and will change a lot of things going forward. For instance, one massive thing that we’ve learned is that many, many jobs can be done from the comfort of your home. Now, whether businesses allow that to continue remains to be seen.

Something else that we’ve learned is that when getting entertainment, theaters are even more outdated than what we originally thought. For the last several years, people have been going to the theaters less and less. Whether that’s due to the quality of the films or the increasing price of admission is still something that’s debatable. But what’s not debatable, given the massive popularity of Netflix and Hulu and the upcoming streaming services, is that people enjoy watching films from their couch.

Throughout the pandemic, several film studios have delayed a number of film release dates, either by a few months or an entire year. However, Universal, with their second Trolls film, decided to keep their original release date – April 10. But instead of putting it on theaters, they decided to make it available on Video on Demand on that date.

Universal ended up making millions of dollars that route and cut out the theaters in the process. Well, now the theaters are a tad bit upset.

AMC, the largest theater chain in the country, and Regal Cinemas are now refusing to play any future Universal films in their theaters.

Perhaps these theaters do not understand yet but that means no Fast and the Furious, no Jurassic Park and no Minions/Despicable Me films, all of which are massively popular.

I’m guessing people will still find a way to view these films and heck, if you can watch a first run movie on your own couch without someone checking their phone every 10 seconds, all the better.

This stand from Regal and AMC is going to backfire in a big, big way. Sure, they may feel good about themselves now, putting out their statements condemning Universal’s actions but it’s their film, not the theaters. This stupid move will only quicken the demise of theaters.

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