Karen Pence: Mayo Clinic didn’t inform of mask policy until after visit, hospital says otherwise

Earlier this week, there was some controversy after Vice President Mike Pence was filmed touring the Mayo Clinic Hospital.

The problem comes as everyone in the video – patients, doctors, researchers and members of Pence’s entourage – are wearing masks except for Pence himself.

Apparently, everyone, no matter who you are is required by the hospital to wear a face mask. The hospital even sent out a tweet and then deleted the tweet saying they informed the VP of their policy prior to his visit.

But on Thursday, the Second Lady, Karen Pence, appeared on the administration’s favorite television station where she refuted what the hospital said.

And not only that, any good reporter would’ve followed up with the obvious next question, asking about the hospital’s tweet which said that wasn’t the case.

Now, this whole thing isn’t a big deal in of itself but the fact is: someone is lying. It’s either the hospital or Karen Pence.

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