Armed protesters storm Michigan statehouse, upset about stay-at-home order

So, it looks like the state of Michigan is about to implode.

People upset about Michigan’s stay-at-home order during the pandemic, armed with guns, stormed the statehouse in Lansing to show their disgust with Governor Whitmer.

Currently, the state of Michigan has more than 41,000 cases with nearly 3,800 deaths related to the virus. And on Thursday, the state announced almost 1,000 more cases of COVID-19 with 119 deaths related to the virus.

I understand people are upset about not being able to work 40 hours a week. I understand that this is hurting the economy. I also understand that people are continuing to die from this virus every single day.

And I also understand that people have the right to protest their government. But I don’t understand what the guns are all about? Are these people truly planning to shoot the virus?

If you’re wanting people to take you seriously, not mock you and listen to your concerns, not dressing up like G.I. Joe would be an excellent start. And again, I sympathize with people unable to provide for their families and how this pandemic has hurt small businesses.

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