Trump reportedly threatened to sue his campaign manager

President Donald Trump is dealing with a health crisis as more people continue to die from the coronavirus every single day.

Trump has also been pushing for states to open back up, as he even signed an executive order saying that meat plants have to stay open. This comes as hundreds of workers at plants in both Iowa and Indiana have tested positive for coronavirus.

In the midst of all of this, President Trump and his team have an eye on the upcoming election in November.

According to reports from CNN and the New York Times, it appears all that pressure may be getting to Trump. Trump, who was apparently unhappy with polls number he was presented with, threatened to sue his own campaign manager.

The call, which reportedly took place Friday, quickly descended into a screaming match. Perhaps Trump was presented with poll numbers indicating that even “sarcastically” suggesting an injection of disinfectant was not the best of ideas.

What Trump could possibly sue his campaign manager for, I’m not quite sure.

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