Michigan Congressman Justin Amash launches presidential exploratory committee

Every election cycle, we get the same story from the candidates. Republicans tells us how grand, wonderful and just downright awesome life will be if we only elect them to this or that position. Likewise, Democrats will also tell us about the stupendous visions they foresee in American life if we only elect them to the very same position.

Additionally, both of those messages, selling us just a marvelous and awesome version of life in America, always includes how bad, horrible and just downright nasty their opponent is. The Republican candidate will paint a picture of doom and gloom if the Democrat is elected and the Democrat will illustrate for us the massive scale Armageddon headed our way should the Republican win.

So, you see our very lives rest upon electing the very same people and the very same parties that helped put us in this position to begin with. That makes perfect sense, right?

Well, Justin Amash, a former Republican congressman from Michigan, has announced that he has set up a presidential exploratory committee. He’s looking to run for president on the Libertarian party tickect.

Amash, of course, left the Republican party after witnessing the same old type of things that were supposed to have changed after the 2016 election.

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