Actress Rose McGowan blasts Democrats, media for hypocrisy

Hollywood is a place and an industry that plays in make believe and where Republicans are the bad guys and Democrats are always, always the white knight riding in to save the day.

Additionally, tons of films portray the media as a savior looking out for the little guy, fighting against the big, bad Republican politician or administration covering up a sex scandal, a murder or my God, polluting some lake no one has ever heard of!

Up until a few weeks ago, Hollywood, the media and Democrats have been preaching and screaming about believing all women. All women who claim to be victims of sexual violence or abuse deserve to be heard and have their claims looked into, right? I mean wasn’t that what we were told when women spoke out about President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? I’m also most certain that was the case.

But now that the tables have been turned and there is an allegation of abuse against former Vice President Joe Biden, silence is what we’re getting.

Well, the hypocrisy is shocking and one Hollywood actress is calling out the media and Democrats for their “believe all women” charade.

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