VP Pence tours Mayo Clinic, ignores hospital’s policy of wearing a face mask

The Centers for Disease Control, several weeks ago, suggested the wearing of face masks while out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government organization didn’t mandate it, instead they were going to leave it up to businesses and organizations to decide how to best figure this out.

OK, so flash forward a few weeks from the CDC’s suggestion and Vice President Pence toured the Mayo Clinic, where he visited and talked with doctors, researchers and patients.

However, the world-renowned hospital has a policy of everyone must wear a face mask. Doctors, staff, patients and visitors. During the vice president’s visit to the hospital on Tuesday, everyone in Pence’s entourage wore a hospital, adhering to the hospital’s policy, except for Pence.

In a tweet that has since been deleted from the hospital, the Mayo Clinic said they made their face mask policy clear to Pence prior to his visit.

During his visit, Pence was asked about ignoring the hospital’s policy.

Even if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t believe it actually does anything to stop the spread of the virus, to ignore a hospital’s policy, which state’s everyone must wear a mask, is still pretty arrogant. I mean, wouldn’t you think the head of the White House’s task force on the coronavirus, adhere to a hospital’s policy concerning the spread of the very thing you’re in charge of fighting?

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