Pelosi snaps at CNN’s Jake Tapper over line of questioning

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN to talk about the Paycheck Protection Program, but when Jake Tapper asked her if agreeing to more funding for the program was a “tactical mistake,” she snapped back at Taper, telling him to “calm down.”

From Real Clear Politics:

“Just calm down,” Pelosi told Tapper. “We will have state and local, and we will have it in a very significant way. It’s no use going on to what might have been.”

“It was always an interim bill,” she said about the PPP funding passed last week. “We always said that CARES 2 would be the bill where we would go for state and local. And we will in a big way.”

She went on to say:

And so, as I say to members, judge it for what it does. Don’t criticize it for what it doesn’t, because we have a plan for that. And that will happen.

I think you see the response, even from Republican senators, that Mitch McConnell is getting.

Watch the exchange below.

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