Uh..? President Trump wants ‘Noble Prizes’ taken from journalists, lawsuits filed

President Donald Trump doesn’t like the media. He constantly bemoans on and on about “fake news” and how they never, ever report anything honestly about him.

CNN is his favorite target. He’ll often call on their reporters and if they ask a question that challenges something he’s either said or did, it’s “fake news” from the lying media. On the other hand, Fox News, is Trump’s network of choice. However, President Trump has also taken a few shots at the FNC when he sees a story that isn’t 100% favorable toward him.

Well, now Trump wants legal action taken against particular members of the “enemy of the people.”

On Sunday afternoon, President Trump said wants journalists to return their “Noble Prizes,” wants the “Noble Prize Committee” to demand those awards back and wants “lawsuits brought against all, including Fake News Organizations.”

As much as Trump may hate the “fake news” media, reporters will not be returning their “Noble Prizes” and the “Noble Prize Committee” will not be taking back those prizes and that, I can 100% guarantee.

Why? Well, because reporters don’t get “Noble Prizes,” they get Pulitzer Prizes. Also, it’s “Nobel” and not “Noble.”

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