Kim Jong-un rumored to be dead

Unconfirmed reports from from Chinese and Japanese news outlets are saying that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is dead or in a vegetative state following a heart procedure.

Reuters is reporting that a team of medical experts from China went to North Korea to consult on a health matter, but did not say what those health experts found. The New York Post cited a vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, that “claimed that Kim was dead, citing a ‘very solid source’.”

That same outlet reports that Jong-un died after a botched heart procedure where “he needed a stent procedure done, but apparently … it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon — with some reports saying he had shaky hands,” said TMZ.

North Korea has not released any information about the condition of the dictator’s health.

When asked about rumors he was ill at a press conference this week, President Trump downplayed them saying he thought the reports were wrong, but hadn’t heard anything and wished him well.

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