Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine: ‘I am the office holder,’ ‘The buck stops with me’

During the current coronavirus pandemic, most have looked to the nation’s governor’s for leadership and direction on the issue.

It’s been the governor’s that have put in place measures concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, whether it be stay-at-home orders, getting personal protection equipment or facilitating testing. It will also be the governors who decide when their state is ready to begin rolling back restrictions. And during the crisis, governors are getting high marks for their decisive action.

Arguably, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has been the most out front, leading on most things concerning the virus. He was one of the first governors in the country to close restaurants and institute a stay-at-home order. He’s also been one of the most vocal and visible, informing and updating people about the situation in his state.

On Wednesday, responding to criticism directed at the head of the Ohio Health Department, where a Ohio state senator and his wife compared Ohio’s stay-at-home order to Nazi Germany.

DeWine let people know who was in charge, issuing a strong statement.

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