Las Vegas mayor willing to gamble with residents’ lives, wants city to be ‘a control group’

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic killed tens of thousands and infected hundreds of thousands more in the United States, its wrecked havoc on the economy.

People in the service industry have been hit extremely hard. Places like Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which rely heavily on tourism have to be strugglingly terribly.

However, even though some states are saying they plan to open restaurants within the week, people aren’t going to immediately flock back, things aren’t going to snap back to the way things were prior to the outbreak. Regardless, politicians are desperate to get their economies going again, so much so that they are even willing to act as a “control group” and see if “social distancing really does work.”

That’s exactly what Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in an interview with Anderson Cooper and then immediately says she didn’t say those things.

I get everyone wants things to go back as quickly as possible but her suggestions are just a tad bit insane.

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