What? The Federalist co-founder: Democrats, media conspired on health crisis, want to destroy millions of jobs

When you are so tied to a particular politician or political party, whether for financial, political, a few more likes or follows on social media or for any other reason, you’re likely to say and do some incredibly stupid things.

For example, Sean Davis, the co-founder of The Federalist, a conservative news website, believes the media and the Democrats completely orchestrated the COVID-19 crisis in order to take down President Trump.

Forget the fact that people are becoming infected with a highly contagious and deadly virus. Forget that more than 42,000 people have died from the disease or that nearly 800,000 people in the United States have become infected. That’s not important, according to Davis. What is important is Trump’s re-election.

In calling out Democrats and the media, Davis seems to forget that a fair number of Republican governors have instituted these stay-at-home orders. I wonder how he explains the actions of Republican governors in places like Indiana, Ohio, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas, to name a few?

Also, I do wonder how the Democrats and the media got all those people to play along with their evil plan and just die.

Davis got roasted for his truly terrible take.

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