Rep. Ayanna Pressley accuses Trump administration of ‘war crimes’

The Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been less than spectacular.

President Trump compared it to the flu multiple times, saying that it, after the first several confirmed cases, would simply go away. He also claimed that the virus would also disappear due to the warm weather. Nearly 820,000 confirmed cases and more than 44,000 deaths in the United States later and we find out that that wasn’t the case at all.

Then there was the matter of a lack of personal protective equipment. States were saying they were lacking the proper equipment to guard against the virus as they treated patients. And now, there’s the matter of a lack of testing as governors and President Trump go back and forth on the subject. One day Trump will say he has total and complete authority to tell them what to do and then the next day, he’s telling them they are entirely on their own.

So again, the administration’s response hasn’t and continues to not be the greatest during this pandemic. However, ineptitude, incompetence or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t equal “war crimes.” The administration isn’t systematically killing an entire group of people. But that’s exactly what Massachusetts representative and Squad member Ayanna Pressley is accusing the Trump administration of.

There’s pointing out the administration’s faults (and there have been plenty) in this whole thing and then there’s this kind of a response, a total and completely insane take meant only to fire up her far left base.

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