Stay-at-home order protests reach Indiana

The people of Indiana love them some President Trump. In the eyes of most Hoosiers, Trump can do no wrong. When Trump says “jump,” most of the state of Indiana will respond in unison with “how high, long and far?”

So when Trump tweets that Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia need to be liberated, you better believe Hoosiers knew what to do. On Saturday, several Trump-loving Hoosiers gathered in Indianapolis outside the Governor’s mansion.

They were protesting Gov. Eric Holcomb’s stay-at-home order, which Holcomb has said that he will extend until May 1.

The state of Indiana, as of Saturday, has had more than 10,600 confirmed cases of coronavirus with nearly 550 deaths. In Marion County, where the Governor’s Mansion is located, has had the most cases in the state – 3,624 cases and 190 deaths.

Now, these protesters are calling for everyone to go back to work and I understand. Everyone wants to go back to work, everyone wants to make a living. But these protesters are upset because Holcomb….is following President Trump’s own orders.

I wonder why, if the virus isn’t as bad as the doctors say and that social distancing isn’t needed, wear a mask?

But Trump knows what he’s doing. As much as he accuses others of playing politics during a deadly pandemic, he does it all the time. His tweets about liberating Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia (all three battleground states and states run by Democratic governors) were a call to action for his supporters. He’s looking toward the election in November and this was yet another attempt (during a pandemic) to fire up and keep his base engaged.

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